Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Time Machine (WE ARE SOULMATE)

 A Time Machine

We had a time machine and could go one place..

Now to make our travel plans.. 

Back in time to the past

There are so many things to do

So much time there to spent with

Incredible journeys
Let the new one begin..

SoulGroup crews :

Miss "cry me a river" :P 


(hippie style 1980)

Miss "memory eraser" 


(1950 style)

Our Leader.. Adin "mbojang lee"

(1970 style)

Miss "no expression"


(vintage 1920 style)

Miss "dont care anymore"

Sri Noor

("elvis" style 1950)

Miss no caption :D


(vintage classic style 1920)

Traveling back
A matter of fact..
Back to the future..

Special thx to our photographer  (NAN .)

Kami adalah sekumpulan soulmate.. 

Kami adalah orang - orang yang selalu senasib dan sepenanggungan saat menempuh kepaniteraan madya alias Coass..

Susah seneng bersama dan saling menghibur kalau ada yang kesusahan (baca :dapat penguji yang galak atau pelit nilai :p)

Sejauh soulgroup is my best team.. kami hampir selalu sepaham terus :p

I feel the time is getting close..when we will have to part.. :(
All those years behind us had come and gone so fast..

Photography and digital imaging : Ananta Naufal
Location                                       : Small  trainstation at Malang
Make up                                       : Andin Quamila and me
Hijab                                            : Hijabox Hijabstyle by me :)
Crative team                                : the Soulgroup :p

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