Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

(SummerBox Collections) The Old Summer

(SummerBox Collections) The Old Summer by Hijabox

Magnolia Brooch IDR 30.000

1. Ellana earring available color purple,green,hot pink,yellow,green IDR 35.000 *2-4 : Raddin earring yellow,hot pink,white IDR 45.000

Red cabaret brooch : brooch with very cute curly feather :) Rp. 30.000
*juga tersedia dalam warna baby pink,green,mint green,yellow.

Royal blue cabaret brooch : brooch with very cute curly feather :) Rp. 30.000
*juga tersedia dalam warna baby pink,green,mint green,yellow

Lovely Bow brooch juga tersedia dalam warna ,baby pink dan hitam Rp. 25.000
for order kindly sms to Anita : 085755422422

Habibah Brooch : Brooch with very cheerfull muslimah character IDR 65.000
kiri : hijau pink
tengah : mintgreen pink
kanan: ungu flowery 

Summer Shawl IDR 45.000

Clivia Brooch IRD 65.000

For order kindly sms to Anita : 085755422422 pin bb by request
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Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

Indonesian Traditional Dress


Ignore my silly face :p

Photography and digital imaging by threetones workind and Ananta Naufal
Make up artist by Joegandoz Make up Artist

The Road To Nowhere

Travel to a place, where mind set to peace.. no one can see..

As I continue on my journey.. Im beginning to travel light..

Preparing myself for the journey.. my suitcase is old and tattered

Walking thru these streets.. meeting crossroads of hope and some of loss.. but ill pick the right one..

 I am the only one who travels these roads

  I must endure my sentance of weary travel

Those picture we took for join the Zysku Xena July Giveaway competition and Alhamdulillah we are became the winner.. :)

My Photographer :)
Wardrobe :
- Lace Skirt                    : Nur Jehan i bought it from Jogja Fashion Week
- Helena Cardi                : Zysku Xena
- Hijab                           : Jenahara Twotone shawl
- Bag                             : G♥sh!
- RADDIN earring            : Hijabox (085755422422)
- Brown Shoes                : My Mom

Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

All in the yellow afternoon

Beneath such dreamy weather

 I will be the gladdest thing
   Under the sun!

I will touch a hundred flowers
   And im gonna pick one..

I will look at cliffs and cloud..with quiet eyes..

Watch the wind bow down the grass..and the grass rise..

Photography and digital imaging by : Ananta Naufal
-dress           : Fresha
-hijab           : Hijabox (085755422422)
-polkacoat       : Vintage Brand
-Hotpink earring : Hijabox (085755422422)
-Bag             : Hermes

Good Afternoon :)

RADDIN earing..coming soon on summer edition

Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Playing with tutu dress

When the sun’s warmth

Lets Play..with the tutu dress..

Vintage Suitcase, love it


Wardrobe                     :
Dress                           : Tutu dress by Mainland Heritage
Red Blazer                   : Vintage brand 
Bonnette                      : Hijabox
Red Shawl                   : Hijabox (085755422422 for order)
Vintage Suitcase          : Unbranded

Photography and Digital imaging : Ananta Naufal