Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Tea Party ( Happy Three Friends )

It is time for tea

our afternoon tea

Between the cups

there's friendship, between you and me and us :)

Yes, Friendship :)

As we lovingly share

I had a little tea party
This afternoon at the Green Garden with my girls

they are my friends at medical faculty.. we share everything together.. 

The pinky girl is Imama she is a model catwalk and "Miss Lamongan" ,she has a chubby cheek..only in a face not whole body..

The yellow girl is Centa..she is "the tiny little thing" hehehehe.. sha has small small body..i swear very small.. She is Pediatrician wanna be..

Hijab and accessories by Hijabox, Hijab style by me..
Imama : Dusty pink shawl and Pocerika by Hijabox
Centa   : Soft grey shawl by Hijabox
Me       : Soft khaki shawl and Pinky Fresh Dianthus by Hijabox  (085755422422 for order)

 Photographer : Ananta Naufal (NAN .)

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